Sunday, May 31, 2009

yard sales

Every year I take a trip to the Bloomington, IL area with my grandparents, cousin, Aunt, and my mom...for yard sales. Yes, yard sales! We make a weekend of it and head out super early Friday morning, shop all the way up then, stay overnight and do it again Saturday. We only go to this area because they have town wide sales and we have always had great luck there. I would say we go to 30 to 40 sales over the weekend.
This year it was just me and my cousin, Amy, along with my grandparents. We had so much fun and loved spending the time with grandma and grandpa. We missed having my mom and Aunt Diane along with us...they are both alot of fun! My dad was turning 50 this same weekend so, my mom skipped this year to stay home to celebrate dad's birthday. Happy 50th dad!!!

I've been lucky to attend the past three in a row. I didn't buy as much as in the past but, still came home with lots of goodies. I love the hunt and the unknown of what you will exciting-looking, thinking of different ways and places to use things. It is hard for me to pass up a yard sale...I can usually find something at every sale. Here are some of the finds this year.
A few Dr. Seuss books for center pieces at my cousin Kristen's baby shower coming up. She and I both love wooden toys so, I was happy to find a few. This huge wooden train was only $2.00! Twister...everyone needs a twister game
a dad diaper bag I picked up for Tyler {my cousin Kristen's husband} for .25...if he doesn't use it i'm sure i'll find someone who could I pass it up for a quarter!I have alot of jewelry and no big storage for it. I picked up this vintage box to use, along with another similar oldie I have of my moms, until I get something more permanent.
I am really excited about the jewelry I found! The necklace, I paid $3.00 for and I like it more than the similar one i've had my eye on at Kohl's...Daisy Fuentes at Kohl'sLots of fabric...I have no idea what i'll use it for, mom just gave me a sewing machine and i'm ready to use it! I will start collecting my favorite fabrics and i'd eventually like to make a quilt and some other goodies :)

The wine book I picked up for my friends Melodie and David. They are big into wine and I thought it was pretty { i totally judge a book by it's cover, and judge wine by its cover too...all about the packaging :) I'm a total sucker, if is looks good i'll buy it!
all these frames for $2.00! May use them for a collage in Kristen's house!?
Below: Stampin' Up 12x12 patterned paper and a set of handmade paper cards and envelopes in stripes and geometric print.
Little terra cotta planters...see them used here.
Kohl's Sonoma cloth napkins and place mats in clay color, never used, with tags. (4)mats, (8)napkins for $5.00
Black plate rack for $ perfect in dining room to display the china from my grandmother.