Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

This was my first time to color Easter eggs in years! Dying eggs was not a family tradition of ours...yes, my Grandparents always had a egg hunt but, plastic eggs with candy & money. I see why they switched to plastic...dying them is very time consuming!

I had two baby photo sessions { Grayden & Rylie } really close to the holiday so, I wanted to have eggs on hand. I was thinking it would go really quick but, each egg had to sit in the dye for so long, then dry, then I splattered them with brown paint to look speckled. I thought they turned out pretty cute! Blue for baby boy photo session and pink for baby girl session ;)

Standing them up on pins worked great for drying

Here is a photo you can see them used...I didn't get much with them and actually left the eggs in the refrigerator before second shoot and didn't get to use the cutie pink eggs with baby girl :(

This is little Grayden Conor ~ see more photos from this session at

Friday, April 17, 2009

transplanting sprouts

Gardening has become a new interest of mine! I purchased a few starter vegetable plants {broccoli, spinach, tomatoes} and some seeds {lettuce, basil, and flowers} to start. Wow, plants take so much attention :/ I've been working really hard to get these going. I had to do some gardening research, collect all of the supplies, etc. I used a baking pan to plant the seeds in {which took forever...i used tweezers and placed them individually in rows!}...i've been constantly misting, and warming them on the heating pad to finally see some healthy sprouts! Look at what my surprise was...Texas smashing my hard work!!! I was able to transfer a few sprouts to the little pots today before she decided to make a bed on my tiny flower garden. So far i've had alot of fun doing it...we will see if I can get a few good plants of of them!?
After I master growing the vegetables...I will learn to can them :)
What are you planting this year?

Monday, April 13, 2009


Rylie was my second baby session ever! She is six weeks old and one of the cutest babies i've ever seen {babies w/ lots of hair are the cutest}. She was so fun to photograph! Her momma is a huge Dr. Seuss fan so, we used her collection of books. This was also the second shoot with my new Canon Rebel...lots to learn still but, lovin the upgrade from my point and shoot Canon...


This was my first attempt at photographing a little one......not easy. He doesn't sit up and doesn't like to be on his belly so, I shot alot from above. See more These are just a few favorites. I like the one of him outside in the clover patch...his parents were married on St. Patricks day ;) I love comments...let me know what you think!