Friday, April 17, 2009

transplanting sprouts

Gardening has become a new interest of mine! I purchased a few starter vegetable plants {broccoli, spinach, tomatoes} and some seeds {lettuce, basil, and flowers} to start. Wow, plants take so much attention :/ I've been working really hard to get these going. I had to do some gardening research, collect all of the supplies, etc. I used a baking pan to plant the seeds in {which took forever...i used tweezers and placed them individually in rows!}...i've been constantly misting, and warming them on the heating pad to finally see some healthy sprouts! Look at what my surprise was...Texas smashing my hard work!!! I was able to transfer a few sprouts to the little pots today before she decided to make a bed on my tiny flower garden. So far i've had alot of fun doing it...we will see if I can get a few good plants of of them!?
After I master growing the vegetables...I will learn to can them :)
What are you planting this year?

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