Friday, March 13, 2009

{ For You } card

This is turning out to be a handmade card blog...I do make alot of them! This card was inspired by these earings from the Buckle I got for my friend Johnna for her birthday. Little did I know it is a favoite store of hers...go me ;) The store just looks so her...Anyhow, I love to match up the card w/ the gift :)

I wasn't really happy with the background color and the green bead doesn't match up just right but, it was a fun the decorative edge on the black strip and the braid. It was so nice to catch up over doughnuts & coffee with her this past weekend :) Hope you had a great birthday Johnna!

1 comment:

melodie said...

Your cards are so innovative. I love the risks you take with color and pattern- you inspire me!