Saturday, March 7, 2009

going green

Over the past couple of years I have started recycling and trying to become aware of being green and slowly learning how to make this shift. Just recycling makes such a huge difference in our trash output at home. Recycling aluminum, cardboard, plastic {bottles & bags} glass, and now paper pretty much makes up all of the trash that previously went to the landfills.

It always bothered me to buy cases and cases of bottled waters even though I was recycling them. I first made a shift to buying gallons of water to cut down on packaging. Now, i've been reading that the plastic and the quality of some could cause health risks. Also, 25% or more is just tap water bottled and bottled is not necessarily better for you. read more here

Not sure about the quality of mine but, for now i'm switching to tap and eliminating packaging by going with these cool recyclable/non-toxic aluminum bottles. I found mine on clearance at TJ Maxx {also found at Marshalls} for only $3.00! I'm sure they will be popping up everywhere but, here is the one I have. I love filling them and putting them in the frig for when i'm ready to run out the door...the aluminum keeps water extra cold!

You see reusable bags everywhere now! I have one for almost every store I shop. There are so many cute ones and I just couldn't resist these two from Hobby Lobby yesterday. They were so very cheep one was $3.99 and the other $2.99. I think they are great!

Next, composting...when we purchase our home there was a compost bin I didn't know what to do with. I think the ones like I have cost almost $200.00! I remember my grandparents always having one when I was growing up. Now, i'm thinking I'd like to start...even less trash and good for gardening : ) Working in my flower gardens is a favorite hobby of mine. Spring is popping up and i'm getting so excited to start digging around in my landscaping. Lots of work to be done!

If I do ever have children, yes...I would be one of those moms that cloth diaper. It truly bothers me to contribute all that trash to the beautiful earth God made. It is a challenging but, rewarding shift to make in my life. Can't do it all right now but, i'm making little changes where I see fit to do my part.

I could go on but, i'll stop now. I guess i'm more passionate about it than I knew. Here are the photos of my finds!
oh...and these are my plants starting to pop up : )

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