Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{ my cats }

As you read to the right "In addition to all things creative...i love my family, my friends, and my cats" my cats ~ there are four.

Meet Simon, he spends his day running in and out, in and out, in and out. He loves the neighbors and visits them often. He has a thing with cars...if you visit us he is in or on top of your car -guaranteed, sorry. Once, he got on the school bus-pretty funny. He is handsome but of those pets that doesn't want attention from us too often but, lets others pet him. He loves everyone but, wants to be the only animal in the neighborhood so he can have all of the attention on him.
This is Sophie. She is fat and lazy...I can say that, she's a cat. She lays around alot and eats alot...she is really pretty and looks as if she's wearing a tiny tuxedo ;) This is her IKEA ratan chair... she sits on it and rolls back and forth as it is her favorite place to be-especially when the sun is shinning in at sunset. Her favorite toys are my pony tail holders...she takes them under the dining chairs and uses it as a jungle gym-jumping over/under the chair bars or paws them under doors for fun.
This is Pete. He is all boy...lays in the dirt, rolls in the dirt...prefers to be outside most of the time, loves to hunt. We call him Peter, Peter, lizard eater...or...Peter, Peter, squirrel eater.

Texas is Pete's twin. She is little-a runt and sleeps in adorable places and positions. I can always find her sleeping in the craft room. Her funny habit - she shreds paper into tiny pieces.

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Anonymous said...


Hello....Your cats caught my eye. Then I looked down and saw all your cute card creations!
Melodie sent your blog a few weeks ago and I decided to check up again. You have the "eye" for style and color.I remember when we first met and I was suppsoed to be teaching you. I learned more, I beleive, from you. Good for you! I hope you are enjoying all your hobbies & life. Dolly L