Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Resale shopping

Pretty much one of my favorite things to do is shop resale. My BFF, Melodie, came for a visit from Nashville, TN and we found the best little resale shop in little ol Wayne City, IL. We had arm loads of $1/$2 and less items. Here are a few of my finds:

Glass napkin rings, tiny owl trivet, butterfly salt and pepper shakers, tiny tea pot pin cushion {my favorite find of the day} It is so little and so CUTE! We also found buttons, trunk/chest, pottery, etc.
Oh, one more thing...
I'm doing alot of stopping into these resale shops on a hunt for trunks/chests...i'm collecting them for the underwater themed kids event coming up at church-i'm working as the design coordinator for the event ;) If you have one we could borrow or you'd like to donate, let me know, I need lots more.

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Melodie said...

your finds look so pretty! I hope i can make mine look as wonderful in photos.